200-Hour Immersion Yoga Teacher Training in San Jacinto, California.



As the ancient pulse of Vinyasa gracefully intertwines with the still depths of Yin, we invite you on a transformative journey – one that harmonizes the dynamic with the tranquil, and the fluid with the steadfast. Over a curated 2-month immersion, delve deep into the intricate tapestry of Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, discovering not just postures, but a profound state of balance.


Taking the leap from yoga practitioner to teacher is both exhilarating and daunting, filled with self-doubt and a multitude of questions

Do you struggle with the fear that you might not measure up, or feel overwhelmed by the expansive knowledge to be gained? Maybe it’s the sound of your own voice in a quiet room that unnerves you, as you contemplate whether you truly have a place at the front of the class.

We intimately understand these challenges—the financial worries that linger, the struggle to balance life's numerous responsibilities with your yoga ambitions, and the nagging doubts of imposter syndrome that can dim even the brightest achievements. At 11Exhale, we recognize you in your entirety: your passion, your fears, and the courage it takes to embark on this path.




In this initial phase, you'll unravel the science behind yoga, understanding each tradition's impact on the physical body. Dive deep into the respiratory and nervous systems, and grasp how yoga enhances life force energy in the human body. Through videos, lecture and guided actions, you'll begin to perceive the potent science of yoga, envisioning yourself as a guiding beacon for your community.

​Outcome: A robust intellectual grasp of yoga's scientific aspects.


Guided by lead trainer, Julianne Arce, you'll assimilate the fine art of yoga, understanding the nuances of creating a sacred teaching space and guiding others on their yogic journey. This phase also covers the essence of meditation and introduces the business side of yoga, equipping you to articulate your message and effectively market your skills.

​Outcome: Profound integration of the art and essence of the yogic lifestyle.


Having absorbed the science and art of yoga, you'll now proceed to the teaching methodology. Here, you'll refine your unique teaching voice, master hands-on adjustments, and perfect the art of Savasana - the treasured culmination of a yoga session. This phase ensures that every yoga session you conduct leaves a lasting imprint on your students.

​Outcome: A holistic immersion into the science, art, and teaching methodology of yoga.

The Program

This 200-hour training that follows Yoga Alliance standards is 15 days. It is suggested to arrive a day early to get settled in and depart the day after graduation. Students can expect to have a deep understanding of yoga and a full range of yogic knowledge: posture (asana), breathing (pranayama), philosophy, and applications in daily living.

The class size is limited, so every student receives personalized attention and has direct guidance from their instructor. One factor that separates 11Exhale from other teacher training is its teacher development module.

Most training offered only teaches you how to instruct classes using their model, and that’s how most instructors fail. 11Exhale has formulated the practice of finding your teaching voice and style, these two are a major key in your yoga teaching.

​You will be helped in finding a teaching style that you build upon and find your voice teaching flow. In addition, you will learn how to lead a safe and well-balanced class. Somatic Yoga is covered in this training.

You know you need this because...

You crave a deeper connection to your yoga practice, beyond the physical poses, delving into its spiritual and philosophical depths.

You've felt the tug of imposter syndrome, questioning your ability to step confidently into the role of a yoga instructor.

15 Day 200-Hour Somatic Immersion Yoga Teacher Training in Joshua Tree, California.

This yoga teacher training program will challenge you beyond your comfort zone and will guide you to grow on your path. You won't only see a difference in your body, but also in your mind and spirit. Your experience with 11Exhale will go far beyond teacher training. This is training that will change your life. Sometimes you hit a plateau at work or life and wonder if there is more out there for you than work and paying bills, then you're ready for a soulful experience.

  • ​3 Yoga Traditions (Yin, Vinyasa, Restorative)  
  • ​Group size: Maximum of 6 participants
  • ​Airport transfer included: Palm Springs International Airport

Retreat location

Located in southeastern California, Joshua Tree stands at the crossroads of the Mojave and Colorado deserts. This unique location is not just a gateway to the renowned Joshua Tree National Park but is also a hub for artists, musicians, and nature enthusiasts alike. The area is celebrated for its stark desert landscapes, captivating rock formations, and the iconic Joshua trees that give the park its name.

Joshua Tree is a haven for outdoor activities, offering a wide range of experiences from rock climbing and hiking to stargazing and photography. The clear desert skies provide an unrivaled backdrop for astronomy enthusiasts, while the varied terrain calls to adventurers looking to explore the natural beauty of the desert.

The town itself exudes a bohemian spirit, known for its eclectic mix of art galleries, music venues, and vintage shops. Joshua Tree's community is vibrant and welcoming, with a calendar filled with live music events, art shows, and local farmers markets. This creative oasis in the desert offers a unique blend of natural beauty and artistic expression.

Joshua Tree’s rugged landscape is also perfect for those seeking solitude and a deeper connection with nature. The expansive vistas, surreal geological features, and the serene ambiance of the desert make it an ideal spot for meditation, yoga, and personal reflection.

​With its unique charm and the natural wonders of the surrounding desert, Joshua Tree offers a distinctive experience for visitors and locals alike. Whether you're climbing the boulders of Hidden Valley, marveling at the Cholla Cactus Garden, or enjoying the vibrant local art scene, Joshua Tree invites you to explore its many treasures.

why Should you Join Us In Joshua Tree?

Students who complete the training are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®).

​Instructions on this are at the end of your training. Once registered, anyone can look up your certification and know you are certified and have met all requirements to teach safe yoga and guide your classes.

You know you need this because...

You crave a deeper connection to your yoga practice, beyond the physical poses, delving into its spiritual and philosophical depths
The thought of sharing the transformative power of yoga with others fills you with excitement, yet the path to becoming a teacher seems clouded with uncertainty
You've felt the tug of imposter syndrome, questioning your ability to step confidently into the role of a yoga instructor
Balancing your passion for yoga with life's other commitments has left you searching for a supportive community that understands your journey

Meet our Alumnis

Our Past Yoga Teacher Graduates


11Exhale Certified Yoga Teacher 

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11Exhale Certified Yoga Teacher

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11Exhale Certified Yoga Teacher

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11Exhale Certified Yoga Teacher

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11Exhale Certified Yoga Teacher

Alumni 2024

Meet Your Lead Trainer

Julianne Arce

Welcome to 11Exhale, where every breath marks the beginning of a new journey. I'm Julianne Arce, the founder of this sanctuary, and my story intertwines deeply with the transformative power of yoga.

As a veteran and a mother navigating the challenges of PTSD and personal upheaval, I discovered yoga and meditation not just as a practice but as a profound path to healing. It became my lifeline, helping me manage the chaos of life and leading me to a profound realization: I needed to align my career with my passion for healing and empowerment.

Leaving law school to pursue yoga full-time was a pivotal decision, driven by a desire to share the peace and resilience I had found. 11Exhale was born from this transformation—a studio that extends beyond physical practice to a community where growth and empowerment flourish.

At 11Exhale, we invite you to join us in this space of renewal. Whether you are seeking tranquility, strength, or deeper self-understanding, our studio is a haven for all. Together, we breathe, we transform, and we rise—embracing the endless possibilities within each of us.

Thank you for being here. Let's breathe new life into our journeys, together.

Training Bonus Offer #1

Spa Day at palm springs Séc-he

The Spa at Séc-he is rated the #1 Spa in the United States by top 100 Spas off 2023. One of a kind wellness destinations is rooted in the sacred healing waters of the Agua Caliente Hot Mineral Spring and offers Innovated and traditional spa therapies. 

Training Bonus Offer #2

Airport Transportation

Included with your tuition as a bonus. Airport transportation will be provided upon arrival and departure.  

Training Bonus Offer #3

practice to purpose workshop

Discover how to turn your passion for yoga into a thriving career with our comprehensive training program. Whether you're a seasoned instructor or just starting your journey, "Practice to Purpose" will empower you to create a signature program that resonates with your unique vision and mission.


Savor your morning coffee on the sun-drenched patio surrounded by quail calls, jackrabbits, and stunning desert views.

Whip up a meal in the fully renovated cook’s kitchen, equipped with premium stainless steel appliances, a Kitchen-Aid mixer, a Vitamix blender, Cuisinart cookware, and more! With virtually every kitchen implement you could want, along with essentials like olive oil and a full complement of spices, cooks of every stripe will feel right at home.

Bathe in luxury with Kiehl’s bath products.

After a breathtaking desert sunset, build a bonfire in the fire pit and enjoy the starry night sky.

And when you’re ready to call it a night after a long day of exploring, drift off into a deep and peaceful sleep on a spacious memory foam mattress, decked out with hotel-quality sheets. Netflix and chill on the comfy couch or enjoy listening to the amazing record collection or Spotify on the Marshall, bluetooth enabled stereo.

​Flanked by 19 acres of undeveloped land, this is the perfect place to reflect, relax, and retreat while also being able to easily access all the national park and quaint town of Joshua Tree have to offer.

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